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On our team, we embrace the process, not just the results. Our one-on-one coaching incorporates the latest and most effective fitness and health research with a loving and understanding approach to self image, self talk, and mindset. We work to reprogram years of subconscious and conscious self talk and societal pressure to allow clients to truly achieve their best selves. Our mission is to help clients love the process, but more importantly, to love themselves.


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The Iron Giantess x Built Athletics

The Iron Giantess
and the built athletics family





Constant Access

and Support


Weekly Team Zooms

Built Athletics 

Our team and your program focus not only on the physical change, but on rewriting and reforming decades of unhealthy habits and self talk. It's time to break up with yoyo dieting and quick fixes once and for all and create lifestyle changes based on long term sustainability. 

Each week, you'll have access to a group zoom with the Built Athletics coaches to rewire your mindset, discuss your struggles, and celebrate your successes. We will work to reprogram the all or nothing mindset that stems from toxic diet culture and fall in love with the process of creating a life and lifestyle we love.

We are a team.

I've been exactly where you are and know that our most challenging moments aren't always during office hours. You won't be waiting days to hear from your coaches. Instead, you'll have constant access to to coaches and support when needed.

You're not alone in this.

So many of our struggles come from feeling alone. Our team seeks to change that. You'll have a community of support behind you every step of the way and access to our group Facebook where all of our coaches and clients can share in their victories, struggles, and growth

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Workout Programs

Cardio and Activity


Custom Nutrition


Weekly Biofeedback


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Personalized, focused fitness plans of any style tailored to your specific goals and ability levels to meet you where you're starting and guide you toward your goals. You'll send weekly training videos for assessment to get you closer to your goals

Tailored to your needs and preferences, your macro based nutrition program will give let you stop second guessing and start enjoying the process while you learn the fundamentals of nutrition and health without sacrificing foods you enjoy

Cardio protocols and weekly activity prescriptions based on your ability level and needs to help you reach your goals efficiently and make activity a key part of your lifestyle

Each week, you’ll send updated pictures a detailed biofeedback check in for assessments and adjustments to your protocol. These will take in the full picture - energy levels, hunger, digestion, training intensity, etc. to help you reach your goals

The process became a way of life. No longer shrinking, hiding, or making excuses, I found myself.  The mentality not only changed my mindset in the gym and in the kitchen, but in every aspect of my life - my career, my relationships, my self confidence. 

-Laura Micetich

Live Giant Founder, Health and Mindset Coach, Bodybuilder, Entertainer,

It is honestly shocking how much it's changed my mentality. Walking into the gym isn't a war with my body to just lift heavy and do cardio because we want to "be skinny". It's silly but I feel so much more confident and happy with myself simply because I'm not being mean to the inner me. My workouts are so much better and I'm actually

enjoying them again!!

Sara V,
Laura's Client 


I'm proud of myself.

Thanks for teaching me how to be proud of myself for all the little things. 

And thank you for teaching me how to notice the 

big accomplishments.

Erin B.
Laura's Client 

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I'm just going to say that ever since our conversation and realizing how I used food as a form of control,

it's been a life changer!

No. My days aren't 100% and I still beat myself up on occasion, but I'm more at peace with myself and I'm able to recognize the trigger of something stressful and out of my control and stop the self hate and crazy restricting.

It's been AMAZING!


Samantha B,
Laura's Client 

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This is a long term life changing decision. 

That's why coaching starts at a monthly commitment. As coaches, we know Rome wasn't built in a day. The psychology behind transforming lives and our habits more than a few months. 

Month one is spent learning, understanding, and mastering the protocols and processes – habit forming. This month will be challenging, frustrating, and rewarding.
Month two, we start settling into a routine, learning the physique, and seeing tangible visible and emotional progress. We begin to chip away at the habits, triggers, and ingrained habits that got you here.

Month three, we start clicking into auto pilot mode. You become comfortable with executing your training and nutrition protocol and working through self sabotaging triggers. 

This is when the magic begins.

This is when the world shifts.

Those first few months are crucial to your journey, but the true transformation occurs after around 6 months of committed, unshakeable work when these changes become ingrained as part of you.

We're working to reprogram your habits and lifelong cycles and that takes time. Remember - those habits took time to develop so they'll take time to change.

But once those changes click, it'll be a life changer.

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