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Meeting Your Inner Bitch

We’ve all got the voice inside our head that tells us we’re not good enough. The little devil 😈 on our shoulder that pushes us away from our goals and back into the cycles that’ve brought us to where we are. The inner voice... the inner critic... the inner bitch. ⁣

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Meeting the Inner Bitch

You’re trying to lose weight? ⁣


Because the bitch in your head says that’s how you become worthy. That’s how you become confident. That’s how you look like those girls on Instagram.⁣

The number on the scale goes down. ⁣

Your confidence goes up. ⁣

That’s what you’re inner bitch is saying. ⁣

That part you get. That part makes sense. ⁣

Now comes the hard part. ⁣

You’re wondering how you do it... how you change. ⁣

You’re inner bitch says, because it hasn’t worked so many times in the past, why would this time be any different?⁣

Your inner bitch says this time you’ll do the same things:⁣

You’ll cut back on food. ⁣

You’ll get a membership you don’t use. ⁣

You’ll say you’ll exercise. ⁣

You’ll buy the supplements and skinny teas. ⁣

You’ll drink the lemon cucumber water 🥒 ⁣

You’ll meal prep one time.⁣

You’ll make promises to yourself about all of the habits you’ll change. ⁣

And in a few weeks youll be exactly where you started. ⁣

Your inner bitch says: ⁣

Why not take it to the extreme?⁣

Why not treat yourself like shit over and over, staring in the mirror and pulling up the parts of yourself you hate? Why not just say it. ⁣

You’re lazy. ⁣

You’re fat. ⁣

You’re ugly. ⁣

You’re never going to change. ⁣

Your inner bitch is telling you that. ⁣

And she’s wrong. ⁣

That’s why I’m gonna spend the next month explaining to you not only why extremes don’t work, but why the BITCH IN YOUR HEAD is your worst enemy. ⁣

And exactly how to SHUT HER THE HELL UP. ⁣

And then you’re gonna change your life.⁣

Over the next few months, I'll show you how to look your inner bitch dead in the mirror and tell her to shut the hell up!

Join me for the next few posts to find out what happens when we start calling that bitch out.

This month you’re gonna get four weeks of lessons. You’re going to get captions. You’re going to get videos. You’re going to get real fucking talk. And then you’re going to get the hell out of your own head. ⁣

Because your inner bitch is wrong.⁣

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